Cyberpunk unicorn AI art using WONDER AI art generator mobile app

Yesterday I spent time using WONDER AI Art Generator. A mobile AI app for iOS and Android that enables you to create stunning artistic images in different art styles using your own prompt input.

I focus on cyberpunk unicorns. I was blown away by the results. I didn’t expect them to be that good. This is Pixar-like quality right there. The renders looked clean and produced unique variations. Most of the images I kept most of them looked incredible.

Here are a few cyberpunk unicorn images generated using WONDER AI Art Generator on my Android phone.

Wonder only generated 1024×1024 pixel image resolution. However, you can use AI upscalers for images that you really like.

Wonder iOS/Android mobile app is one of those AI art generators that you need to choose an art-style category and add wording/text to define what you want to appear in the image. I think because the AI models are per category, the results that I can be very impressive. I mean, it will be hard for me to get something like that in Midjourney with consistent results each time (might be easier now with –test and –testp for sure, maybe they use similar AI model / Stable Diffusion), or at least super hard. Let alone refreshing and getting great results every single time for the same art I was trying to get for the unicorns (dreamy, magical, cyberpunk).

I also liked the fact that I get results very fast, 2 each time. It also creates the AI art very fast, so it’s not annoying to refresh and get new ones, unlike Midjourney which takes much longer.

I highly recommend trying it out. This is the Android version I used and this is the iOS version for your iPhone and iPad. Enjoy.